You could argue that Al AIn Desert Safari’s unabashedly bold architecture is what makes the city most well-known, but the majority of visitors understand the importance of seeing the Arabian desert. Though we’ve previously discussed the morning and evening red dune safari tours, did you realize there are other varieties as well?
The least expensive choice is a semi-private desert safari, where you’ll likely share the experience with total strangers. There will be no room for customization or adjustments once you are on the road; the tour package will proceed as described on the website.
A private desert safari in the Arabian deserts of Dubai can be your best choice if you want to customize your desert adventure so that you receive the most value for your money.
When you are initially picked up from your hotel, this luxurious desert safari will be definitely your own. On this VIP desert safari tour, there will be no waiting for overdue visitors or weaving through heavy traffic to pick up additional guests. Instead, you’ll start dune-bashing as you make your way to the location of your activities in the crimson, sand-filled desert. watch Sharjah’s desert safari
What catches your eye? There are several options available. If you go in the evening, you can start with a thick, tasty Arabian coffee, then savor authentic Dubai cuisine and watch skilled belly dancers perform traditional dances.

Al AIn Desert Safari


Book this desert safari for an authentic experience if you’re an adventurous person looking for an affordable and thorough Al AIn Desert Safari.

Self-drive your car to the meeting place for our desert trip using GPS or Google Maps. The desert camp is readily reached by Exit 93 of the i-Al Ain Highway, which is located 100 km from Al Ain City and 85 km from Al Ain Airport. From Al Ain City or Al Ain, the drive will take one hour. When you arrive, a 4×4 vehicle will pick you up and take you to our standard desert camp. The Bedouin-style desert tent, which is located right in the middle of the Al Ain desert, serves as the starting point for an exhilarating evening desert safari.

The traditional Land Cruiser dune bashing experience, where visitors may enjoy the ups and downs of the Al Ain desert sand dunes, will be the first part of your journey. a four-wheeled roller coaster experience! This is also a great chance to observe the desert’s pristine surroundings.

Return to the traditional desert camp to experience a fascinating aspect of desert life in Al Ain: riding a camel. As the sun begins to drop, ride a camel through the desert. Simply taking in the moment is an option, as is recording it for later recall. Return to the ground and decorate your hands with elaborate henna art, try smoking a shisha pipe, and take in live Tanoura dance and Arabic Belly dance performances. Enjoy a delicious Arabic BBQ outside to cap off the evening. Enjoy the food while observing the stars in the desert sky.

Enjoy a spectacular Al AIn Desert Safari Al Ain, and bring back wonderful memories of your time spent in the original Arabic entertainment and traditional Bedouin desert camp.

If you go early in the day, you might decide that riding a camel across the desert or quad biking through it would be the most memorable part of your luxury desert safari in Al Ain. Why not inquire about holding a falcon while you’re there to ensure that you have plenty of photo opportunities? That will undoubtedly make your friends at home envious!

  • What we will provide. We won’t do
  • What’s covered by the tour
  • Pickup & Drop Off by Coaster in Al Ain Live Entertainment Shows’ central location
  • Watch breathtaking performances by outstanding artists in a camp in the desert.
  • Different belly dancer
  • Show Tanura
  • Fire Display
  • The Dune Bashing
  • Spend 10-15 minutes dune bashing in a 44 land cruiser for the ultimate pleasure.
  • Ride a camel
  • Free camel rides are available for exploring the lovely golden desert.
  • Henna Drawing
  • On your palm, get a free Arabic henna tattoo, or ask the artist to draw what you like.
  • Unlimited Drinks
  • In the desert camp, take advantage of endless complimentary water, soft drinks, tea, and Arabic coffee.
  • Islamic Clothing Photography
  • By photographing the unique moments while dressed in an Arabic costume, you may capture the authentic Arabian mood. (Subject to availability).
  • Sandboarding Free sandboarding is available in the camp area where you can climb and descend the tall sand dunes.
  • BBQ Buffet Meal
  • Enjoy a delicious buffet dinner where you may sample a range of BBQ, vegetarian, and meat dishes.
  • Sunset Pictures
  • With your friends and family, take amazing images while you observe the mesmerizing desert sunset.
  • Toilet facilities with separate stalls for men and women.
  • Both men’s and women’s restrooms provide hygienic and clean goods.
  • What is omitted from the tour
  • Falcon Photography and Alcohol
    A quad bike accessible in the camp area
    VIP treatment in camp. The table will be set with everything.
    What distinguishes this tour
  • Al Ain Pick & Drop Central Pickup
  • The Dune Bashing

exciting Dune Driving a 4×4 Land Cruiser through the desert dunes, climbing Sand Hills, and then tumbling back to the bottom.

Camel Trekking Adventure before refueling with a delicious Arabic buffet meal and a night of energy at a typical Desert camp, camel trekking across the desert.

Bedouin camp in the desert
You’ll enter the base camp, an antique Arabic structure, to enjoy the entertainment shows after the dune bashing, camel and horse riding, and ATV quad bike ride.

You will be provided with Arabic Qehwa, Tea, Coffee, and limitless water packs when you arrive at the desert base camp.

BBQ buffet for dinner
Beautiful universal buffet with 15 dishes, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, as well as salads, Arabic dishes, and a little flame grilling.

Live Shows for Entertainment
We also perform fire shows and belly dance performances live.

You are encouraged to dress in traditional Arabic attire for photos during a private desert safari in Dubai.

Al AIn Desert Safari