Desert Safari in Al Ain
Desert Safari in Al Ain

Desert excursion Al Ain’s stunning red towering Arabian dunescapes captivate both local and foreign tourists. They can then enjoy the true thrill of excitement, entertainment in a Bedouin camp, several photos, and a delectable BBQ buffet dinner. Experience a variety of thrilling desert activities, such as 4X4 dune buggy, ATV quad biking, sandboarding, camel and horse rides, and falcon photography. Enjoy your safari trip while taking in Al Ain’s gorgeous sand dunes. Enjoy limitless cups of Arabic coffee, tea, and soft beverages to refresh yourself. Cheer during the camp’s belly dancing, tanoura, and fire performances. Enjoy the delectable BBQ buffet dinner at last. which both vegetarians and meat eaters can eat.

Desert Safari in Al Ain

We encourage you to savor a sip of coffee, tea, or soft drink as you take in the historic and cultural ambiance and the inviting setting. Live entertainment performances are the icing on the cake that will make your desert safari from Al Ain completely enjoyable. So without further ado, reserve your tour with us and create an unforgettable journey that justifies your investment.

Desert Safari in Al Ain Regular Package Included:

Service of Pick-Up and Drop-Off:

The best varieties of desert safari pickup are available from Al Ain. Depending on the bundle choice. Visitors can reserve a pick-up and drop-off bus service from predetermined locations.

Arabian Dunes Dune Bushing

After arriving at the campsite, the first sand activity you will do is 4X4 dune bashing on tall red dunes. Since this is an adventurous sport, our experienced, licensed driver conducts this dune drive to guarantee your safety. On the other hand, those vehicles have complete roll cage coverage, are outfitted with safety equipment, and are fully insured.

Ride a camel

The most cherished experience is riding a camel through the Arabian sand dunes. A brief camel ride is frequently included in packages. However, you can adjust your package at an additional expense if you want to ride for a while.


You can do sandboarding to get a free taste of it. where you can practice your balance on the spongy sand.

Photographing the sunset:

This excursion offers an amazing chance to capture the sunset on camera. where you can strike a pose in a variety of settings and take candid and odd photos.

Free drinks forever:

Enjoy the infinite servings of Arabian coffee, tea, and veg snacks with soft beverages to energize you throughout the ride. This will be provided following the Bedouin camp’s establishment.

Designing using henna

Professional shorthand Henna tattoos are equally included in the box as the standard inclusions. However, you can add a whole hand Henna tattoo to your package for an additional cost.

Costume photography in Arabic:

Both men’s and women’s Arabic attire is readily available. It enables them to take an endless number of pictures.

Live entertainment performances

The standard package inclusions are the most engaging live performances. include two belly dance performances, one exhilarating fire display, and two LED and Classic Tanoura presentations.

scrumptious barbecue buffet dinner

Treat yourself to a delicious BBQ buffet dinner that includes a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods to satisfy your cravings and hunger. which is shown alongside the European, Asian, and Arabian cuisines.

Men’s and women’s bathrooms with separate facilities:

Our Bedouin camp has separate and clean bathrooms for both men and women.

Off-Road Adventures & Entertainment on the Desert Safari in Al Ain

Six hours of sheer enjoyment and off-road experiences are included in the Desert Safari in Al Ain. Desert Safari Offer will offers top-notch hospitality throughout the tour to make your journey exceptional. However, a professional pick-up and drop-off service will be offered, and the trip from Al Ain will take 30 to 40 minutes. You will be picked up from your specified place or the location of your chosen package and transported to our Bedouin camp.

The bus or opulent 4×4 Land Cruiser used for this desert adventure pickup from Al Ain will be driven by one of our courteous and certified drivers. After arriving at the campsite, guests can participate in a variety of exhilarating sand activities on the tall red dunes. In opposition to the horse ride, ATV quad bike, sandboarding, dunking, camel ride, and falcon photography. The Bedouin camp is designed with Classic Arabic elements on the opposite side to instantly give it a Bedouin feel. where live entertainment shows that are pure entertainment can be found. Performers from around the world perform them. Last but not least, the elaborate Arabic feast served as the BBQ buffet meal will awe tourists. which offers a vast variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food alternatives.

Desert Safari Prices in Al Ain

All of our packages at Desert Safari Al Ain start at 40 AED and include top-notch services to guarantee customer pleasure. Customers of Desert Safari Offer were able to take advantage of their amazing tours at reasonable costs. All of our packages are designed to give our cherished tourists a great Al Ain tour experience. We guarantee your security and safety throughout the entire tour thanks to our skilled professional drivers and guides. Because we strive for quality and allow you to enjoy the six hours, we are the top tour operators in the UAE which will be really worth it.

Beyond your expectations, Al Ain’s Desert Safari offers incredible entertainment. Starting with the most exciting adventure and ending with the greatest flavors of Arabian cuisine. In order to provide you with the best hospitality in the Bedouin tent and the best adventure on the high red dune of Arabia, we have the best team of drivers and guides on staff.

Desert Safari in Al Ain