Visitors may enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience in the middle of the Arabian Desert with a Luxury Desert Safari in Al Ain. Visitors may experience the desert in style on this kind of safari, which includes upscale transportation, fine eating, and private activities.

Sandboarding, henna tattoos, and camel rides are just a few of the special activities offered on our Luxury Desert Safari in Al Ain. Additionally, guests can partake in a special gourmet BBQ supper with live entertainment. Visitors can select from a variety of meat, seafood, and vegetarian alternatives, and the meal is prepared using only the best ingredients.

Arabian Luxury Tours is one of the most well-liked luxury desert safari companies in Al Ain. This travel agency provides a selection of opulent packages, including morning, afternoon, and overnight safaris. Visitors can select from a variety of Land Rovers, Range Rovers, or Land Cruisers, each with a dedicated private guide.

Experience the height of luxury and excitement with Luxury Desert Safaris in the middle of the Al Ain desert. These safaris transport you to the pinnacle of an opulent and comfortable stay with a dash of adventure. In Al Ain, take advantage of an all-inclusive safari, cultural experiences, and delectable Arabic cuisine while gazing out over the dunes at night.

During a luxurious desert safari in Al Ain, observe Bedouin culture. Luxury Safari Al Ain offers interesting desert experiences. Experience the beauty and nature of the desert while enjoying a cooler climate and sunset views, tasting Bedouin tea, and more with our Luxury Desert Safari in Al Ain.

Make a point to take a Desert Safari when you travel to the unique city of Al Ain. Your breath is taken away by the desert’s broad expanse and its golden sand dunes. Without visiting the desert, your trip to Al Ain would be incomplete. The Desert Safari is the ideal way to discover the vast expanse of sand dunes.

With regards to the Luxury Desert Safari in Al Ain

We provide you with the Luxury Desert Safari Al Ain to make your trip to the desert truly unforgettable. This will undoubtedly be the cherry on top of your trip to Al Ain. You tour the desert with the Luxury Desert Safari Al Ain, where you are pampered royally at all times. We bet you’ll be extremely happy with the special attention reserved for a select few.

The Luxury Desert Safari truly begins in the lap of luxury. You are only ever picked up in a Mercedes. As soon as you enter the desert, the fun really starts. The Luxury Desert Safari’s dune-bashing activity is its main draw. You participate in this adventure activity by driving a 4×4 vehicle up and down the sand dune slopes, which is an adrenaline rush that is hard to match. If you still want more excitement after you’ve finished dune bashing, you can try quad biking or sandboarding.

Watch a magnificent sunset in the midst of the sand dunes as the sun sets and casts a soothing glow over the desert landscape. Then, we lead you into a camp in the desert that was modeled after the Bedouin way of life. We serve dates and Arabic coffee as a form of welcome. Watch a unique belly dancing performance and a breathtaking Tanura show as you take sheesha puffs.

Dinner time has come. Enjoy delicious foods served in a BBQ buffet that will make you want to lick your fingers. You would want a keepsake to cherish as a reminder of this amazing day, wouldn’t you? Get your picture taken wearing traditional Arabian attire to save your memories of the luxury desert safari in Al Ain.

An all-inclusive safari featuring adventure activities like camel rides, dune buggy rides, and traditional programs is known as a luxury desert safari.

To have a private desert experience, purchase tickets for an Al Aini desert safari. Step inside the car and take part in thrilling adventure activities while tackling the dunes. Enjoy a 60-minute nature safari to look for species in the desert. Experience the desert on a camel’s back. Enjoy a 6-course lunch that will tantalize your taste buds while you watch fire shows and live acts in the evening.

The pinnacle of luxury: Reserve a spot on one of Al Ain’s most opulent desert safaris by purchasing a luxury safari ticket.
Adventure Activities: Due to their abundance of thrilling adventure activities for adrenaline addicts, desert safaris are quite popular among tourists.
Entertainment: While unwinding in the desert camp, take in live entertainment performances.
Delicious Food: At one of the top resorts in the area, indulge in traditional Arabic flavors while also enjoying fine cuisine.
Experiences with the Bedouins: Hear real tales and get a taste of local life in real Bedouin-style camps.

What to Expect in Luxury Desert Safari in Al Ain?

Transfers in 4X4 AC vehicles are included with every Luxury Desert Safari in Al Ain ticket. You will either receive private transportation or shared transfers with a few other individuals who purchased Luxury Desert Safari tickets along with you, depending on your preference. You may be confident that the group will stay small so that you can have the finest experience possible in the Al Ain desert.

You will embark on the activities included in your package depending on your tickets. You will always have a tour guide with you to keep you updated on the events taking place and to make sure you’re comfortable. Utilize the free refreshments as much as you can.

Depending on your tickets, you might go on a nature safari, visit Bedouin camps and hear the local legends, go to the desert camp, eat traditional Arabian cuisine, or even go to a luxury resort for a gourmet dining experience.

You will be left off at your hotel in the same spot where you were picked up once all the activities included in your package are finished.

Visitor Advice for a Luxurious Luxury Desert Safari in Al Ain
Because the desert gets cool at night, bring a scarf or jumper. Bring sunscreen, sanitizer, sunglasses, and a hat.
Bring a camera so you may record special moments.
To see the greatest views of the Al Ain Desert, reserve a nighttime Luxury Desert Safari on Al Ain tour.
Wear breathable, lightweight clothing.
To stay hydrated, ask your guide for some water.

Why Pick Us For A Luxury Safari Through the Desert in Al Ain?

We aren’t just babbling at each other. It is our duty to provide you with the finest possible hosting. Consequently, among our luxury desert safari services are:

Direct Reservation
Booking does not involve any third parties or agencies. You will speak with us directly and make a reasonable package reservation as a result.

Zero additional fees
Our packages do not include any additional fees. Once you pay the fixed price for each bundle, you won’t have to worry about it again. As long as you are participating in the activities that are included in the package you have chosen, you won’t be asked to pay any additional fees.

pickup from a hotel or home
Simply provide us with the address, and we’ll send courteous drivers in 4×4 luxury cars to pick you up at your home or hotel. The immediate pickup service is not restricted to a single place. Without regard to your location, we will pick you up as soon as you reserve the package.

Our Premium Desert Safari Packages Offer Competitive Prices
We can proudly declare that each of our packages is practical and superior to those offered by other businesses that operate under the same standards. The good news is that should you choose to think about more than two packages, we also provide additional bonuses and advantages.