A unique excursion that takes you on an opulent safari through the breathtaking Al Ain desert is our VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain. A four-wheel drive vehicle will be used to transport you to the edge of the desert, where you will start your safari with an adrenaline-pumping dune drive. You will experience an adrenaline rush unlike any other on this exhilarating ride that will carry you up and down the infinite sand dunes.

along the dune drive. Enjoy some juicy dates and sparkling date juice while gazing at the setting sun. Make careful to take pictures of these breathtaking views.

At the lovely camp in the Bedouin style, where gazebos are erected to provide you additional solitude, your trip will continue. You will be greeted with flavorful dates and fragrant Arabic coffee as you enter the camp. Get on a camel and take a little stroll across the desert before dinner, or practice your balance on a sandboard.

When you’re finished with the activities, take a moment to unwind and enjoy a fantastic BBQ meal outside. Unlimited soft drinks and premium adult beverages are also included with your wonderful dinner and are brought to the table by your attentive server.

While you indulge your food sensations, local performers will also treat your eyes to a feast. Enjoy the traditional local entertainment and really savor this unique experience.

After dinner, you’ll be driven back to your hotel.

Arabian Adventures is the only company you need to contact if you’re seeking a VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain. Our knowledgeable guides will make sure you have a wonderful experience, and we offer the most upscale and exclusive safaris in the city. To reserve your exclusive Al Ain desert safari, contact us right away!

Unquestionably the most stunning and opulent desert safari trip one could take. This is the ultimate way to wow that important someone in your life with utmost exclusivity and opulence.

With the tranquility of the desert dunes in the background, this elevated experience ensures breath-taking moments. Make lifelong memories and beautiful photographs. A magical atmosphere is guaranteed in your personal desert sanctuary. Enjoy a delicious six-course fine-dining dinner while being surrounded by fire torches and a peaceful lake. Your personal chef will make dinner on-site, and your butler will serve it to you.

Private Desert Safari in Al Ain performances and fascinating acrobatic performances with a fire show are available as entertainment. By choosing to have a violinist or saxophonist accompany you through the night with their songs, you can enhance the experience.

You will set off on a voyage full of wonder and magic during this VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain. Go on this romantic trip hand in hand with a knowledgeable guide who can take you dune bashing across the stunning Arabian Desert sand dunes. This is a wonderful chance to unwind and soak in the silence of nature before engaging in an exciting activity like riding your own camel to explore more of the breathtaking surroundings.

With our VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain package and heart-stopping desert safari trip, which visits some of the most stunning landscapes that characterize the Arabian Peninsula, you may have an exhilarating 6-7-hour tour of the Arabian Desert. As you are taken across one of the largest deserts in the world to your destination, Forever’s VIP services are focused on your comfort and enjoyment.

This is a chance you cannot miss to witness the utter magic and mystery of the desert. Enjoy activities like camel riding, shisha smoking, and dune buggying before being taken to your own private VIP wooden platform for a feast fit for a king! Enjoy a lavish buffet with sizzling Arabian cuisine and desserts while your taste buds are tantalized by magnificent traditional entertainment such as belly dance, breathtaking acrobatics, and fire performances.

As the day comes to a close, indulge in a lavish lunch outside beneath the stars as the ideal cap for your amazing adventure! The 4×4 drive deep into the desert to discover the huge stretch of golden sand dunes as you descend low in deep trenches and ascend high on sand dune summits where you experience the thrilling feeling of speed is one of the highlights of the VIP desert safari tour by desert safari al ain.

The next stop is a traditional Arabic Bedouin campsite, where you can experience the true beauty and essence of the desert while sipping traditional Arabic coffee, smoking flavored tobacco in a water pipe called a “shisha,” and being mesmerized by the exotic, trance-like movements of belly dancing, which originated in Egypt or other non-Arabic African Societies. At dusk, food will be brought to your table.

So why are you still waiting? With desert safari professionals in Al Ain, book your VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain for the best pricing. We offer Al Ain most affordable desert safari packages. Online desert safari reservations are available with us.

HIGHLIGHTS OF A VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain

Dune-bashing in the Arabian desert is an exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping experience, and there are many other enjoyable things to do there as well.
Enjoy the chance to see a breathtaking desert sunset and take part in a range of Bedouin-inspired activities.
Watch professional belly dancers give a seductive show for your amusement.
Along with the BBQ dinner, a stunning fire show, Tanura show, bonfire, and spectacular pyrotechnics will be provided.

VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain BENEFITS

There are numerous reasons why a VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain is the ideal approach to discovering the Arabian Desert’s natural beauty. Among the top advantages are:

You can take in breathtaking vistas of the desert landscape, including the dunes and sandstone rock faces.
Without having to worry about getting lost, you may comfortably tour the desert’s top attractions.
You can explore places that are only reachable by 44 cars when you take a VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain.

All along your journey, a guide will be by your side. They ensure that your experience is as individualized as possible. During your desert trip, he will inform you of intriguing details regarding Al Ain distinctive geographical perspective.

People from more than 200 different nations reside in the UAE. Consequently, you’ll get the chance to interact with locals.

Your guide can assist you in making exciting reservations if you want to do more than just see the desert. your day with activities like camel rides or quad biking.

For each person’s interests, there are options that can be customized. Our VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain can be customized to your preferences, whether you’re interested in experiencing a relaxed day out, shooting breathtaking images, learning about UAE history, or all of the above.


A VIP deluxe tour is available at Al Ain Desert Safari during the day, evening, and overnight. For those wishing to enjoy their vacations by moving away from city life to unwind in the midst of nature, our professionals created this special location. One of the most respected service providers is us. Additionally, its services are reasonably priced.

Personal car and lounge

The most opulent desert safari in Al Ain takes place around sunset. It can be used by people to quickly book. This procedure has been made simpler by our experts, who also do it in the time specified.

those who enjoy adventure and wish to have a thrilling holiday. For a desert safari, reserve our private vehicle right now. We guarantee prompt pick-up and delivery.

All of the equipment required for the safari is included in our cars. We make an effort to give our customers a comfortable ride. For individuals who want to unwind and enjoy their time before or after the safari, we also provide VIP lounge services.

Vip Desert Safari’s Exciting Rides

People can take advantage of a number of additional inclusions during their VIP desert excursion. These include camel riding, sand boarding, quad-biking, and many other activities. These are all exciting events that individuals can participate in by using our services. Examine for more.

Spectacular shows and a buffet dinner

We also provide compelling programs that are well worth watching. The amazing performers display their skills in Tanura dance, belly dance, and fire performances. In addition, we serve a delectable buffet dinner to please everyone’s palate. So, reserve our services right away if you’re looking for a fantastic desert safari trip!

That’s good to know about VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain

Four passengers are the most that can fit in one of our vehicles. For up to four persons, the campsite’s exclusive VIP seating is designed.

It is advised to dress modestly and use suitable walking shoes.

There are restrooms at the campsite.

Sandboarding is possible upon request and subject to weather.

During Ramadan and other religious holidays, entertainment and the provision of alcoholic beverages may change.

Your fee includes a part that supports regional conservation.

Please be aware that there is an additional fuel fee for Al Ain based Desert Safaris where the guest pick-up point is in Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khaimah, or Fujairah.

Itinerary VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain

Depending on the season, be picked up in a private and opulent Range Rover between 2:30 and 04:30. The day of your desert tour, around noon, we will let you know the precise time of pick-up.

When you arrive at the Al Ain Desert Conservation Reserve, you will be given a stainless steel water bottle and a headscarf. These are gifts for our visitors to take home and are bundled into every reservation.

With a collection of antique Land Rovers of museum-caliber, take distinctive photos.

As your knowledgeable Conservation Guide informs you about the desert flora and fauna, set out on a private, 60-minute nature safari across the Al Ain Desert Conservation Reserve in a Range Rover.

Visit a magnificent secluded lake, watch migratory birds, and capture amazing images.

Get a royal welcome at our most opulent and private camp.

Enjoy sunset-themed canap├ęs with strawberries and sparkling juice.

Admire a private falconry display against a sunset.

Enjoy a six-course supper fit for a king. Go to Menu.

If you like, relax in an opulent majlis while puffing on cigars or shisha.

Enjoy breathtaking entertainment that includes an acrobatic and fire show.

By hiring a private musician or adding a beautiful drone show, you may tailor your experience.

Depending on the time of year, return to the city between 9:30 PM and 11:30 PM. Approximately seven hours will pass over the entire encounter.

Greater Detail VIP Desert Safari in Al Ain

Your desert safari cost includes a donation to support local conservation efforts in Al Ain.

The entire event can seat 2 to 8 people and is private.

The experience can be improved by including a drone show or a private musician. If you want to add notes, do so here. Someone from our staff will get in touch with you.

You will receive a food selection card in a welcome package before your visit. You can select however many foods you like from each course. At the start of your desert adventure, your Conservation Guide will take your order.

We advise taking a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and cool, comfortable clothing because the desert may get extremely heated. We advise carrying warm clothing for desert excursions during the winter.

The six-course fine-dining menu for this safari is included; however, please let us know of any dietary restrictions or allergies when making your reservation. We can accommodate kosher, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets.

The camp has lavatory facilities accessible.

Those who are more than six months pregnant shouldn’t go on the nature drive.

Four people are the most that can fit in each car.