VIP Desert Safari with Quad Bike in Al Ain, Come along for the ride of a lifetime on the Quadbike Tour with us! One of the first travel agencies to offer this kind of tour to visitors from all over the world is our own. Don’t pass up the opportunity to go on the quad bike trip you deserve if you have a craving for speed! You will be brought to the campsite for refreshments after the ride, including unlimited sodas and bottled water.

Important: Extreme LLC will not offer insurance protection for quad-riding and dune buggy tours. Prior to taking part in the quad bike trip, a guest must sign a waiver or a disclaimer form.

one of Al Ain most well-known tours. the quad bike adventure during the VIP Desert Safari with Quad Bike in Al Ain. A 4×4 vehicle will pick you up and take you through the desert to the region where the quads and buggies are located. You have the option to operate the quad yourself for 30 minutes (or longer upon request). Following the photo opportunity, you will enjoy dune bashing, camel riding, and sand surfing with your driver in a 4×4 vehicle. Following that, you can partake in the camp’s BBQ buffet meal, which includes options for henna art and shisha. Join us today for this incredible tour!

VIP Desert Safari with Quad Bike in Al Ain RIDE INFORMATION

Quad bikes and ATVs are ideal hobbies for anyone who wants to try off-road driving because of Al Ain huge desert areas.

Quad biking can be made safe by taking safety precautions and adhering to safety regulations. For surfaces like sand dunes, special grips and low-pressure tires are designed. We will only allow you to ride the bike after providing you with the proper safety equipment out of concern for your safety.

For almost an hour, the enjoyment lasts. Join us for a unique opportunity to experience burning dunes. You will also get the chance to shoot some wild pictures while riding the quad bike. Make sure you eat a big dinner before embarking on the quad bike safari because you’ll need all the vigor and enthusiasm you can manage.

VIP Desert Safari with Quad Bike in Al Ain PACKAGE INFORMATION

For an extra fee, we include quad biking and other activities in the evening Desert Safari Al Ain package. Why not choose a quad bike package for an evening desert safari if you want to avoid paying extra? We provide both basic and expert packages at a very reasonable price range to double your experience.

More action-packed activities like sand surfing, dune buggy, camel rides, BBQ dinners, and much more are included in our packages. How would you feel if you were rushing and crushing sand in front of a magnificent sunset? not thrilling? If you cooperate with us, we’ll make your fantasy come true and have more fun.

DEAL ON VIP Desert Safari with Quad Bike in Al Ain

On a supervised mound safari, explore the Al AIn Desert Safari. Enjoy a variety of optional activities, such as meals, camel rides, quad bike rides, entertainment, and extended tour options. Your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel or other chosen place. After arriving at the Al Ain Desert Safari, you may experience the exhilarating mounding session with experienced drivers. Additionally, you can attempt sandboarding and get some amazing shots of the shifting sand dunes.

WHY RIDE A VIP Desert Safari with Quad Bike in Al Ain?

The evening desert safari quad bike package is an excellent option because it includes a lot of different activities. People who dislike rising early will benefit greatly from an evening safari. Additionally, a stunning sunset over the sand dunes hidden by the clouds may be seen. This is an added benefit.

You can take any path you like inside the permitted driving area, but I can assure you that it will be enjoyable. It will be a memorable first-time experience for some people.

A quad bike is a great option for people who enjoy motorsport. Furthermore, it might be enjoyable to ride one of these quad bikes in open terrain apart from people. Enjoy a variety of enjoyable activities together with this.

VIP Desert Safari with Quad Bike in Al Main Benefits

  • There are numerous reasons why a VIP safari is the ideal approach to discovering the Arabian Desert’s natural beauty. Among the top advantages are:
  • You can take in breathtaking vistas of the desert landscape, including the dunes and sandstone rock faces.
  • Without having to worry about getting lost, you may comfortably tour the desert’s top attractions.
  • You can explore places that are only reachable by 44 cars when you take a VIP Desert Safari.
  • All along your journey, a guide will be by your side. They ensure that your experience is as individualized as possible. During your desert trip, he will inform you of intriguing details regarding Al Ain distinctive geographical perspective.
  • People from more than 200 different nations reside in the UAE. Consequently, you’ll get the chance to interact with locals.
  • Your guide can assist you in making exciting reservations if you want to do more than just see the desert. your day with activities like camel rides or quad biking.
  • For each person’s interests, there are options that can be customized. Our VIP desert safari can be customized to your preferences, whether you’re interested in experiencing a relaxed day out, shooting breathtaking images, learning about UAE history, or all of the above.

Ideally Known about VIP Desert Safari with Quad Bike in Al Ain

  • Before beginning the tour, a waiver or disclaimer document must be signed by the customer.
  • Upon availability, confirmation will be provided at the time of booking.
  • Not advised for participants who are expecting or have back issues.
  • The land cruiser will be shared with an automobile that can fit six people.
  • Applying for minimum numbers
  • If not enough people show up after confirmation, the reservation may be canceled.
  • requirements or unfavorable weather
  • You will be given an alternative or a full refund if this happens.
  • Participants with heart issues or other serious medical concerns shouldn’t participate.
  • It is possible to accommodate collapsible wheelchairs with removable wheels if the passenger is
  • They must be with a companion who can help them embark and disembark.
  • For quad biking, it’s best to wear comfortable attire, including closed-toed shoes and pants. Warm clothes are
  • Before beginning the quad bike trip, the client must sign a waiver or disclaimer form if they do not have insurance coverage for using quad bikes.